Tim Conroy

Williamsburg, Va. (303) 895-4757

I.T. Technician

Currently studying for Cisco's CCENT/CCNA certifications and the CompTIA A+ certification.


Salesforce Administrator

Jan.2018 - to Present Day

Salesforce Sales, Support, Non-Profit, and Health Clouds.

Worked as an independent contractor and delivered the Salesforce in-house training for a non-profit Meals on Wheels organization. The three day instruction was delivered to a wonderful group of people working in varied departments. We covered all aspects of the NPSP org. Most of all we had fun doing it.

Software Developer

2012 - to Present Day
Python, Raspberry Pi, and Camera

I'm very competent navigating the Raspbian OS and it's setups and configurations. Use of Pi camera(s) and related software modules. Building website's using Flask. I've built picamera facial recognition projects on my Raspberry Pi using OpenCV and TensorFlow, and still learning more every day. Raspberry Pi Projects: PiCamera projects, Python and OpenCV, TensorFlow, Flask Blog website.
Bonus Points: I can also competently navigate HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, and the Linux command line terminal. I use Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Git repositories

Emergency Department-Registered Nurse

Emergency Department/Registered Nurse

After a long and successful career working in emergency medicine, I decided to trade-in my scrubs for a tech career and a laptop. My transition from healthcare into tech was something I had been working on for the last several years. My interest in technology started when the Raspberry Pi came out in 2012.

As part of my daily duties as a registered nurse, I worked extensively on computers as a nurse using multiple software applications. My daily use and curiosity of those technologies had long interested me so I taught myself how to read and write in several software programming languages. I soon gained a passion and desire to work with software and hardware technologies on a regular basis. That passion is still with me today.

August 1991 - January 2018


University of Colorado Boulder

Bachelor of Arts.

Political Science

1997 - 1999

Front Range Community College

Associates in Applied Science Nursing


1989 - 1991

Saint Anthony Paramedic Academy

EMS-Prehospital Paramedic Program

Paramedic Certification

1985 - 1986


Programming Languages & Tools
Salesforce Skills
  • Formulate, structure and support standard and custom objects and field data types.
  • Create and manage users, profiles and permission sets, roles, licenses, and security settings Org-wide
  • Create, manage and summarize Reports and Dashboards.
  • Create and manage workflows and processes
  • Create and configure Lightning Apps.
  • Ability to write basic Apex with SOQL & SOSL.
  • Ensure data cleanliness and integrity using appropriate tools.
  • Data Loader, Import Wizard and Excel.


Cisco certifications, CompTIA A+ certifications, Security in all things IoT, DevNet, Python for Cisco automation, Computer Hardware, and software development in general. Meeting new friends.


  • Salesforce Administrator

    CREDENTIAL ID 18958497

  • Tim's Salesforce Certificate